Dominik Omega's "The Missing Piece" EP Free Download!

Be sure to check out the new free EP from Dominik Omega entitled, "The Missing Piece". The album's five tracks showcases not only Omega's raw talent, but also features the lyrical talents of label mates, Carolina Black and Viceversah, as well as the vocal stylings of Kiki.

The album is produced by The Arcitype with a little help from label affiliate and west cost engineer, Cary Clark. And of course the entire project was recorded at the labels studio headquarters, The Bridge Sound & Stage in Cambridge, MA. Mixed by The Arcitype and his right hand man, Dan "Young Jedi" Adams.

Download the album, it's free, so you really no reason not to. And be sure to spread the word about the AR Classic Crew and be on the lookout for much more coming soon!

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  1. How does one go about downloading this?
    I never found a link...
    I listened...and liked what I heard...
    How do I download?